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            Instincts! is a collection of short stories and essays exploring the intricacies of the human experience with a special interest in the female perspective. We are excited to announce an open call for submissions for our upcoming Summer 2023 issue. This issue focuses on the theme of “Ignorance is Bliss” and will feature articles, essays, comics, and illustrations from visionary female artists and writers.

          We are on the lookout for:

  • mini-comics (3-4 panels)

  • short  comics (4-5 pages)

  • flash fiction (< 100 words)

  • long prose (> 1000 words)

  • poetry

  • works on women's health

  • works on women's rights

  • work describing identities beyond the boundary

           If you’re interested in submitting your work, please send your materials for review by June 16th for consideration. Both finished work and proposals are welcome!

           We are looking forward to seeing your inspiring ideas and stories!

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